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Financial management to suit your needs.


Platinum Business Management is experienced in supporting a wide range of professionals. We support the goals and growth of each of our unique clients.


Our client base is diverse, and includes internationally recognized actors, athletes, directors, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. We're experienced with financial management for a range of needs, from freelancers, to small businesses, to corporate structures.


Our approach is one of Lifestyle Planning, in which we learn about your short and long term goals in order to create a financial plan that works for you. This could include: 


Expenses. Income. Bill Paying. Payroll Services.  Real Estate Purchases. Automotive Purchases and Agreements. Financial Planning. Tax Planning. Banking.


Our service list is built to grow and change with you through good times and also the more difficult ones. 


Tax laws are unfortunately complex. Through effective financial planning, our experienced team can help advise you in order to create the most beneficial situation for you. We work strategically with your finances to minimize tax burdens and maximize your tax advantages.


Our services include:

Maintaining your books and accounting records (i.e income/pay bills/payroll)

Reconciling bank accounts

Cash management

Preparation of financial statements (where necessary) 

Budgeting and Forecasting

Tax Planning

Tax Preparation

Aid in audits/tax notices

Business license renewal

Preparation of sales and payroll tax returns

Real estate/property management accounting

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