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Founder & CEO

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Michelle Foti, Founder and CEO

As Founder and CEO, Michelle spearheads initiatives and is responsible for the long-term growth overall sustainability of the company.  Michelle works to develop a strategic perspective based both in client needs and staff needs. She is very organizational in direction and decision making to ensure the overall health and vitality of the firm.  


Michelle has over 25 years’ experience in business management with many clients who can relate, as they have been with her the entire time.  Her ability to make complex financial problems relatable and manageable is second to none. Michelle is loyal to a fault and consistent and purpose driven in her work.  She likes to run a sleek and modern firm. Under her direction the firm has crafted a secure cloud-based environment that can be run from anywhere; from our office, to your office, to your living room we can review and discuss your financial goals.  The firm initiatives include environmentally friendly low impact, paperless (where possible) environment.


Michelle has served on the Mother’s Guild, PTA, and has lent her time and energy to countless other efforts in the support of her children’s school.  She also volunteers as a Eucharistic Minister at her church. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, and travel.




Terry Meyer, Vice President

Terry Meyer has been active for the last 38 years as a Business Manager.  In that capacity Terry has provided for and attended to a variety of clients and their financial needs.  Terry has had many long- standing clients that he has supported in managing their business and personal finances.


Terry utilizes his extensive accounting background to assist many clients and their businesses with getting to the next level.  His philosophies on maximizing a client’s tax dollar while maximizing their savings prove true to this day. Terry has prided himself on advancing the comfortable retirement of many clients while helping them sleep better at night knowing their finances are in good hands.


Terry volunteers by serving as a finance counselor of the Real Life Church including serving on the board of the church for many years.  Terry was born in Omaha, Nebraska and has called Los Angeles his home for over 50 years. Terry’s hobbies include spending time with his family, traveling, golf, and catching a few live Nebraska football games when time permits.


Terry graduated with an Accounting degree from California State University Northridge.




Bryan Meyer, Assistant Financial Manager

Bryan brings 4 years of administrative assistant and bookkeeping experience and a passion for helping people manage their money well, so they can do more with what they have. Bryan has a genuine interest and a true entrepreneurial spirit as he loves watching small business scale and grow.  By supporting these efforts, he knows that clients can work on what they do best, and they can have more fun in that capacity.


Bryan's hobbies include learning new things, exploring new places, and photographing them.  Bryan has an affinity for good books but can also be found snowboarding down the mountain, or Ju Jitsu training at his local gym.  

Bryan has an Associate’s Degree in Accounting.



Julianne Bianchi, Business Manager

Julianne Bianchi joined PBMGI in the summer of 2020. Julianne, or Juli for short, has a wide range of expertise. She graduated with a B.S. degree in both Marketing and Accounting. Shortly after graduation, Juli was recruited by Arthur Andersen and began her career as a tax software developer. Intrigued by numbers, Juli decided to expand her knowledge and spent the next ten years emersed in the world of business and accounting. She prepared corporate tax returns for both large and small corporations. She was also responsible for gathering tax data, creating financial spreadsheets, and preparing the company sales tax returns, among other things. In addition to this, Juli also has years of experience as a high school math teacher where she fulfilled her desire to help people.  In January 2016, Juli found a way to merge these two paths into one role – Business Manager. These days, Juli works hard to help others learn about easy tips and tricks to make the most of their money. She believes that no ask is too big or too small when it comes to client satisfaction.

Juli has worked with high-profile clients in the entertainment industry including actors, comedians, producers, writers, social media influencers, and talent managers. She provides a hands-on management approach for all her client’s personal financial needs, as well as any special purchases or projects. Juli takes the time to build strong professional relationships to instill confidence so that her clients are free to focus on their creative lives. When not working as a Business Manager, Juli enjoys cheering on Tom Brady as well as her Alma Mater, the Auburn Tigers. Her favorite activities are exploring the outdoors, writing, and spending time with family and friends.




Kevin Foti, CFO

Kevin brings 20 years of experience as a COO, CFO, consultant, and trusted advisor to growing businesses.  He had led companies through successive (and successful) rounds of VC investment fundraising and he has helped them to scale and grow to their potential.  He has built and rebuilt finance organizations from the ground up to provide solid foundations for emerging companies.

Kevin is an accomplished financial and operational executive with a broad range of experience in public and private companies. He is a high energy dynamic team leader with extensive experience in strategic financial and operations planning; business development; mergers and acquisitions; change management; and building excellent teams. He is an astute planner with a clear understanding or organizational development changes, human capital, and data driven action planning.

Kevin is happy to be a part of the Platinum team lending his financial expertise and ability to raise capital to existing and new clientele.  Kevin has a passion for spending time with his family. His hobbies include classic cars, motorcycles, and generally speaking things that go fast.  Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance from the California State University at Northridge.

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